Former International model and sportswoman, Gilli Both has lived a life of
which novels are made. Raised on a farm in what is now known as
Zimbabwe and surrounded by big game animals, she later lived in Kenya,
India and South-Africa. Her early training in Fine Arts, her respect for the land
of her childhood and her passionate interest in the customs and beliefs in
ancient and primitive civilizations has inspired her to create a powerful and
provocative collection of gold sculptural jewelry of exceptional refinement.
What began as a hobby in the mid 1970's quickly became a business as more
and more people, including royalty and heads of states, began to commission
examples of her work. Her work has been featured in exhibitions in Cannes,
Paris, London, Palm Springs, Houston and New York.
Gilli is an ardent conservationist and a percentage of her sales supports a
number of organizations dedicated to the preservation of wildlife and natural
resources of Africa.
" I hope you will enjoy owning my unique creations and please be prepared
for compliments and conversation. "

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is from the Netherlands. History and Art
have always fascinated her. She likes to
travel and she collects artifacts and exotic
beads from all over the world. She has a
passion for tribal art.

In 2005, Karin started working with crystal.
Karin and Gilli now design and produce the
crystal pieces you can see on our pages.
Every piece is uniquely designed and made
by hand in their studio.
Karin can incorporate any artifact or beads
that you  have in a new and exciting piece of
wearable art.         
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